Thursday, June 28, 2007

See the World With Faye Booth

For those of you who haven't visited Faye's blog lately, she's been sending postcards of Cover the Mirrors round the planet, and people have been sending back in situ photos of the postcard's travels. The journey began on June 14 and the little card has already been spotted in England, several rather unlikely US states, Australia, New Zealand, and even exotic locales such as Aberystwyth. (To be honest, I don't know where Aberystwyth is--but I think I'm safe in guessing Wales.)

It has also--ahem--been confirmed in my little town of Huntington Beach--on the beach and even on the Surfing Walk of Fame. Pics are up at Faye's site.


Eliza Graham said...

What a great idea!

Faye L. said...

I'm full of strange ideas. :)

BTW, this is Aber:

David Isaak said...

A great idea, as you say, Eliza, and probably some sort of spooky plan for planetary domination.

Today Aberystwyth, tommorrow the world. Save the Wales!