Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Do We Keep This Thing We Do Organized?

Shake and shake the ketchup bottle
First none'll come
And then a lot'll.

(Ogden Nash, of course)

This thread is growing rapidly enough that it's pushing itself off the bottom of the page, so I think it may be wise to create a sort of index and keep it up here for a while so people can find each other's posts.

How Do You Do That Thing You Do?

Neil Ayres (link goes to his blog)
Faye L. Booth (link goes to her blog)
Edward Charles (link goes to his website)
Matt Curran Part I (link goes to his blog)
Matt Curran Part II (link goes to his blog)
Matt Curran Part III (link goes to his blog)
Jeremy James (link goes to his blog)
Jake Jesson (link goes to his blog)
Lucy McCarraher (link goes her blog)
Roger Morris (posted here)
Raymond Obstfeld (posted here)
Cate Sweeney (posted here)
David Thayer (link goes to his blog)
Aliya Whiteley (link goes to her blog)

And, of course, my own blathering:

How Do You Build a Story?, Part I (Feb 12)
How Do You Build a Story?, Part II (Feb 15)
Why I Can't Plan My Stories (Feb 19)

For anyone who'd like to post on this topic, you might 1) Say something on your own site and alert me to it, or 2) Drop your stuff in the Comments trail here and I'll promote it to a post, or 3) Send me an e-mail with your text and I'll post it here, or 4) Do something else that hasn't occurred to me yet.


Faye L. said...


cate sweeney said...

Hi David
Well done for getting so many replies. I guess we writers loe talking/writing about that thing we do.
And we also at last have a language connection I never realised the Ketchup Bottle thang was Odgen Nash. That saying was a family in-joke when I was growing up in the North of England. I thought it was peculiar to us! Just go to show!