Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RN Morris gets a writing partner

At least for the moment (until someone fixes it), it appears that Amazon UK has decided the US edition of The Gentle Axe as sold on Amazon UK was co-authored by RN Morris and his evil twin Roger Morris. (Or perhaps Roger was RN's translator, crossing out "biscuits" and scribbling in "cookies" here and there?*)

I know writers have a reputation for schizophrenia, but this is carrying things too far. (Unless this is some scheme by RN to make Inland Revenue and the IRS both think he's already paid taxes in the other country...Oops. Sorry I mentioned it.)

*A new profession. I'm suggesting we call these people 'transatlanticators".


Jake said...

His book isn't the only one.

Jake said...

Er, can't edit that comment, apparently, but I was going to add that I've seen this crop up several different times, and have yet to see it fixed. Huh. Silly Amazon.

David Isaak said...

I suppose it does have the salutary effect that the customer can click through on either name and find all of the author's books.

But, in that case, why a different setup for the US and UK editions on the same page.

The ways of mazon are truly mysterious...