Friday, February 16, 2007

Attack of the Clowns. (Sorry. I meant Clones.)

The NY Times' Janet Maslin has been complaining about the explosion of Da Vinci Code imitators on the market. Put that together with brilliant serial killer stuff, Harry Potter wannabes, and about all that's left is romance and chicklit. Oh, sorry, there's Christian Apocalypse Lit like the aptly named Left Behind series. (I'm thinking of writing my own version, the Right Behind series; two cheeks are better than one.)

After reading Maslin's article, David Thayer e-mailed me his plot for a sure-fire bestseller (no, you can't have it):

What if Hannibal was living in wine country waiting for the label on a new release to signal an army of skeletons rising from the soil of Napa Valley to ravage the countryside? And only a perky winemaker fresh out of UC Davis can save the Bay Area?

By "Hannibal" I'm assuming he means Hannibal Lecter, though Mr. Thayer is a bit of a Roman-Empire scholar, so he might mean the Carthaginian guy with the elephants. Either way, it sounds like a winner. Add in an explanation of why the Smiley-Face symbol suddenly became so widespread in the 70s, and how Jesus' descendents were linked to the killing of JFK, and we'll never need another popular novel again.

Or did I miss something?


Lucy McCarraher said...

Hi David,
Thanks for your comment on my blog - nice to meet you, virtually speaking. I'll certainly put a link to your blog on mine (if I can remember how to do that fiddly html thing for the right hand margin) and yes, please link me to yours. I'm a writer who likes to plot on paper, in advance - but I don't do the detailed character descriptions, I just know them and they develop as I go along. I'll put something on my blog about it - possibly more interesting than WW2 bunions!

David Isaak said...

Hi, Lucy!

I'll be watching your blog and give a heads-up when you talk about your process. (I've always thought planning would be a fine thing, in principle, if only I could do it, so I'm curious how it's done!)