Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Happy News (for a change)

The prolific Aliya Whiteley announced over on her blog that MNW have exercised their option to publish her second novel, Light Reading. (She also recently landed a top-notch agent.)

That, coupled with Three Things About Me, plus her novella Mean Mode Median (which Bluechrome Publishing is reissuing) will give her three books between covers and all in print at the same time (not to mention her slew of short stories scattered hither and yon). On top of all that, rumor has it she is co-authoring yet another novel. All in all, it’s a level of industry that makes a beaver colony look like a bunch of teen slackers on a street corner.

(An aside: I recently ordered Mean Mode Median from Amazon UK, and while I was about it I dropped through to see what was happening at Bluechrome. Readers will be interested to know that Bluechrome no longer accepts unagented manuscripts. Alas, when small presses begin to be successful…)

In any case, bravo (brava?), Aliya. But do feel free to slow down a bit. You’re making the rest of us feel as though we’re just lolling on the riverbank, chewing a stalk of grass and watching the clouds roll by.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, David. Actually, I find it impossible to slow down writing-wise. I get very moody if I don't have a project to work on. Rest assured a lot of dross is produced and hidden/shredded/used to insulate the house.


cate sweeney said...

It's so great Aliya has got a second novel accepted by MNW. I was beginning to think it was a hopeless project, better get mind in soon, there may be a run of three!
Have you decided what you'll send in to them next David?

May said...

"Brava" is correct.