Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Question From Lucy McCarraher

Lucy posted this in the Comments trail, but I pulled it up here so it would be more visible. The question relates to her latest novel, which I gather has not found a home.

I'm thinking of putting Kindred Spirits on the web as a free download, or only for the cost of giving me feedback. Does anyone have any reasons why this would be either a good, or perhaps a very bad idea?

I'm a little unclear on why she's contemplating this course of action. Comments, anyone?

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Lucy McCarraher said...

After seeing that yet another (5th that I know of) great MNW writer has had a second novel rejected, and looking at David Thayer's comment, I've started to expand my idea for putting my own rejected (so far) novel onto the web into the possibility of a website of free, downloadable novels (of a certain standard), awaiting take up by a publisher, and/or agent, at which point they would be removed. Ordinary readers could download and read for the price of giving feedback. Some might become very popular by word of mouth, which would trigger publisher interest. The site could also send out a monthly newsletter to agents and publishers about the available novels, the reader responses..... It could have its own blogsite.
Just an idea - but I'd be interested to see if any writers with unplaced novels would be interested in taking part. (Although why am I suggesting this, it would be a massive amount of work?)
I suppose I'd better put something on my own blog about this.