Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Do You Do That Thing You Do? Jeremy Gives the Details

Jeremy James has posted his writing approach on his blog. It's quite systematic, with a few turns and surprises, and some things I've never heard of. Listening to heavy metal is a tactic I know some authors--notably Stephen King--use as a way of locking out the world (music of any sort doesn't work for me, it interferes with mumbling to myself)...but I'm new to the idea of employing special note-mapping software or ticking automatic timers as part of the writing process. (I don't know what MindManager Pro is, but I've often thought my mind needed managing, so I'll look into it.)

This exchange is the most fun I've had in a while. I've learned a number of things, first of which is that I'm one of the most unsystematic folks around, and second of which is that I'm woefully underequipped for this job.

Note to Self--Shopping List:

--A3 Tracing Paper
--Collection of Multihued Index Cards
--Super-fine-point pen
--Egg Timer
--MindManager Software
--Hardback spiral-bound notebook (must be unattractive)
--Edgar Allen Poe action figure for desk
--More wine

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