Friday, August 31, 2007

Say Hi to Tim Stretton

Dateline Jakarta Indonesia, the Hotel Aryaduta.

I recently made the e-mail acquaintance of one of the latest additions to the Macmillan New Writing family. His name is Tim Stretton, his fantasy novel A Dog of the North is due out from MNW in July 2008, and there is already some interesting buzz about about the book. But I'll let Tim tell you about that when he enters the blogosphere.

Though I haven't yet read Tim's stuff, the fact that he idolizes Jack Vance, one of the most idiosyncratic and underestimated fantasy writers, bodes well. (Though Tim thinks the Lyonesse trilogy is Vance's best work, while I'd have to vote for the inexplicable, interlinked, self-referential tales of The Dying Earth. I suppose we can disagree about this without coming to blows...once I calm down. Especially as Tim seems to be something of a Vance scholar, and I'm not.)

Tim can be found at his website Acquired Taste, and will be joining the MNW group blog once it launches.

PS. "Hubungan" is Bahasa for "web hyperlink." I know this because Blogger has chosen to display everything to me in the local language and I can't get it to stop. Oh, well. Selamat Jalan!


Faye L. said...

Hello Tim!

David, how do you find out about new MNWers, exactly? You seem to have inside intelligence, and it can't be the email newsletter 'cause we haven't had one in months. Inquiring minds want to know!


David Isaak said...

Hi, Faye--

No inside track, just good police work. I look at the MNW line-up and then Google the folks. But in the case of Tim, he dropped me an e-mail via this site.

Oh, and I also channel a few spirit guides...but you know all about that part.

Tim Stretton said...

Hi Faye,

It seems all MNW roads lead to David's blog. Having found my way here, it was only polite to introduce myself... Now and for the next year, the relentless demands of self-promotion require me to insert myself into every orifice - of which this blog is one of the more agreeable.

And David, thanks for the mention. If there's one thing better than a name-check, it's a name-check alongside Jack Vance.