Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jamie Ford's Novel Arrives Big Time

There's a million writing blogs out there. A person can read only so many, and, in truth, a sensible person would read very very few. But one I make a point of visiting is Jamie Ford's Bittersweet Blog. Not only is Jamie smart and funny, but he also features the best illustrations on any blog in the business. (His background in advertising shows to good advantage).

So, it's my pleasure to draw your attention to the fact that his long-awaited first novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, was published this week, and is doing terrific business. After a slew of glittering reviews over the last month, his latest post informs us that Hotel has been selected as various flavors of Book of the Month at Barnes and Noble, Costco, and Borders.

There it sits in the universally coveted position on the New Fiction table at our local Barnes and Noble (less the copy I just snagged).

On top of all this, Jamie is just starting his book tour--mostly in Montana (his home base) and the West Coast, but it will also take him to single appearances in Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Wisconsin. If you live within striking distance, you should probably drop through and have him sign a copy of his novel. This might be the last time you can meet him without having to pass through a phalanx of bodyguards hired to fend off squads of screaming groupies. But I'm not jealous. Nope. Not me.


Janet said...

Well, I am. Jealous, that is. Couldn't pick a nicer guy to be jealous of.

Jen Ster said...

Hey, if you're ever doing a book signing in Dallas I can get at least three other gals to pose as screaming, lust-crazed groupies with me for a small fee. Say, dinner. :)

Matt Curran said...

Hi, David

Cheers for the post - had a look on Amazon and this looks like a pretty fine book (I've already added it to my Amazon wishlist).

On a writing-related point - Amazon US appear to have a rather cool policy of publishing the latest blog entries on their site alongside details of the book. Haven't noticed it on the UK site yet, but I might mention it to Sophie - see if she can get our blogs on our Amazon UK entries. What do you reckon?

David Isaak said...

Hey, Janet--


David Isaak said...

Hi, Jen--

They have book signings in Dallas?

David Isaak said...

Hi, Matt--

Yeah, the Amazon thing is interesting. But it doesn't seem to carry the whole blog--just posts that Jamie elects to "send" to Amazon. I'm not quite sure what's up with it, but it's worth looking into!

Jamie Ford said...

Hey, thanks David!

On the Amazon blog thing, it's called Amazon Connect, at least here in the states. I just signed up for it. It's basically an RSS feed that draws the current posts from whatever syndicated blog you have. Pretty sweet and easy.

Creative A said...

Congrats to Jamie! I saw his book cover in AW somewhere and thought it sounded neat, so it's currently in my "To Be Read" list. It deserves to be on the new fiction pile. :)


Chris Rae said...

I find it terribly annoying when people are manifestly more successful than me at something I'd like to be good at. Especially people who seem so nice. Since I started illustrating my blog using some sharpies and a ballpoint pen, I am taking issue with the best-illustrated-blog comment. There's a new kid in town.