Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clueless, Ink.--A Resource for Writers

A number of you may have seen interesting comments from Haarlson Phillipps pop up on this blog. Until recently, I'd never clicked through to visit his own blog--which, in fact, hasn't been in business all that long.

Despite the fact it's a recent endeavor, Haarlson has turned his blog--Clueless, Ink.--into a major resource clearinghouse. The sidebar is an amazing directory--the websites and blogs of agents (US and UK both, by category), editors, publishers, and writers. He blogs frequently, and many of his posts are tightly targeted and highly informative. For example, can anybody use 10 Plus US Publishers Who Accept Submissions from Writers? No? Then howsabout 10 UK Publishers Who Accept Submissions from Writers? (He also has a nice recent post on MNW with some good links.)

On top of that, he has frequent reviews of books on writing, comments on current developments, descriptions of new things he's dug up on the web, and above all, he has content. Every post is bound to be useful to some writers, and and many of them are likely to be of interest almost all writers--which is saying something about such a diverse and fractious subsection of humanity.

Clueless, Ink. is well on its way to becoming an invaluable resource for writers. Take a glance and then join me in spreading the word.

Well done, Haarlson!


Creative A said...

Hey David

Thanks for highlighting the blog. I'm going over right now to check it out. And I have to agree - good, thoughtful content is the clincher for me.


Anonymous said...








David Isaak said...

Hi, Creative--

Have fun. Lots of useful goodies over there.

David Isaak said...

Hello, Anon-

Well, I have to admit I didn't click through on more than one of those links. What are those, East Asian porn blogs?

Haarlson Phillipps said...

Hi David, hope all's well with you and yours. Many thanks for the plug - I'm blushing. I just hope people find it useful. Regards.

David Isaak said...

Hi, Haarlson--

I think you've done a great job so far. I wish a site like yours had been around a few years ago!