Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome the Lady's Slipper to America

Deborah Swift's The Lady's Slipper has arrived on our shores in a big way. Here's the Huntington Beach Barnes and Noble superstore (shelving about 120,000 titles).

And here, up in Fiction and Literature, sitting next to Jonathan Swift (any relation?) is The Lady's Slipper--face out, what's more, and a half-dozen copies to boot.

All of the other B&N's seem to have it as well, so when you add in the Borders and a couple of indies, there are probably about 150 copies within 25 miles of my house. Keeping in mind that this is Southern California, more noted for surfing than reading, that's a strong showing indeed. (The real reading towns, like Portland, Seattle, and NYC, must be swimming in copies.)

Congrats, Ms. Swift. May you sell a million copies!


Deborah Swift said...

Thanks so much for this - it's fantastic to see it there. What a great idea to take the pictures, I'm so thrilled!

David Isaak said...

Hi, Dee--

Amazing, isn't it? One day there's nothing, the next you're in every bookshop on another continent.

Frances Garrood said...

How exciting, Dee! It looks great!

Alis said...

That is definitely a great thing to see - I hope all those copies sell out really quickly and generate a 'buzz' that gets the book selling in shelfloads!

David Isaak said...

It is gratifying to see a MNW book arrive in such a big way, isn't it?