Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Matt Curran's book already in second printing...(!)

I don't intend to be 'newsy' with this blog, but I happened to pass through Matt Curran's site, and read that his brand-new book The Secret War has already gone into reprint. (It's also had at least one major foreign rights sale already.)

It goes without saying that I'm thrilled for Matt--but tis news also seems germane to the ongoing discussion here, where the question is whether MNW would bother pushing a book given that they aren't out-of-pocket for an advance to the author.

Perhaps The Secret War didn't need much of a push, but I know writers who received significant advances from major presses yet fared far worse in their opening sales and publicity.

Now if Matt will do us all a favor and climb onto a bestseller list or two...


Nicola Slade said...

Hi David
Just want to endorse your comments about advances. My first novel Scuba Dancing, published by Transita Ltd in the UK, received a tiny advance as they are a tiny new company. However it's incredibly difficult to get first novels into bookshops without the publisher 'paying' in terms of huge discounts so although there have been some bookshop/Amazon sales, I tend to put myself about as a speaker to women's groups, writing circles and book clubs. I do a talk then sell a few books. It gets the title out there and it's fun to do but by God it's hard work.
So if you happen to know a scout out there, pass him over to me, Scuba Dancing would make a terrific comedy on the lines of the Hugh Grant movies!


Nicola Slade said...

Drat, I put this comment on the wrong item.
Am watching Matt's progress with admiration and a certain amount of pea-green envy!