Sunday, April 15, 2007

Travel Looms

I'm going to be in Germany and Switzerland for the next couple of weeks, and hopping from place to place, so my contact with everyone may be sporadic. (And I wanted to write than sentence because I love the word sporadic and don't get to use it often enough.)

I'll continue to drop the occasional post, but my replies to comments or e-mails may be delayed, since I may not see incoming traffic regularly. But drop through and say hi anyway.

Even if you do it sporadically.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to leave a comment or when he checks his journal there will be no messages (sad).

Jake said...

I'll take this opportunity to ask: How do you know when people comment on your posts? Do you get emailed when comments show up (ala certain blogging sites like LiveJournal)? Or do you just got to get down in the ditches and check the posts yourself?

Have fun in Ye Olde Europa!

Anonymous said...

It's too hot here in Europe!
[The previous anonymous]

Heather said...

Have fun!!

Matt Curran said...

Ah David...

So close to ol' Blighty, yet so far away. Here's looking forward to when you touch down in the UK for a pint and a chat!!

Have fun in Germany and Switzerland (I hear the beer is sporadic).

David Isaak said...

Too hot? Nope. It's great!

Jake--Yep, I get e-mails when people post...but it's glitchy.

Matt, the wine is sporadic, but the beer seems pretty relentless. We dropped through the mausoleum in the cathedral at Cologne (under the church) and there are suspicious passageways which I suspect connect up with the underground Roman ruins all over town. Your kind of place.