Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Favorite Books

No, not mine. Tim Stretton's. Over on his blog he has listed his ten favorites, and is now in the process of writing fairly lengthy essays on each on and why you should read it.

I know some other visitors to this blog are following Tim's list already, but if you aren't among them, you may want to drop on by and catch up with his very eclectic list.


Tim Stretton said...

Oh, wow! I have waited 40 years for my reading tastes to be described as "eclectic". You can't say you've arrived without it...

David Isaak said...

Did I say "eclectic"? Perhaps I meant "Eclectus", those sexually dimorphic parrots...?

Nope. Vance, du Maurier, and O'Brian? Definitely eclectic.