Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Now We're in REAL Trouble

Considering that a half-million people have been displaced by the fire, things have gone amazingly well. Supplies, many of them donated, have been ample in most places, and down south in San Diego many of the residents--including Jeremy James, who often drops comments here--have taken in refugees for the duration. Public order hasn't broken down, and Californians are doing a great job of taking care of one another.

Yesterday, however, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the head of Fatherland--excuse me, Homeland--Security arrived on the scene. Tomorrow George W Bush will arive. That will fill out the all-star team that did such a great job of managing the Hurricane Katrina disaster. With the Federal government deeply involved, things are bound to go downhill very quickly. Is there some way to get these guys to go back to DC and just send a big check to Sacramento?

In a truly scary development, David Thayer informs me that it is sunny in Seattle. Sun in Seattle any time between September and June is against the laws of God and nature. Excuse me, I've got to go--I think I hear pigs flying over our house.

Update: As unlikely as it seemed over the last few days, we are told that our San Diego house survived intact. A big swath of our neighborhood is apparently gone, and the area is still off limits to entry, but our particular street was untouched. Streets north of ours, west of our, south of ours, and east of ours all burned out, but not ours. As I said yesterday--capricious.

Further Update: We have finally heard that our tenants are safely ensconced in a San Diego hotel. That was our final worry, and it was a relief to hear that they are okay.


Jeremy James said...

Glad to hear your home was spared. They have released a list of homes destroyed for Rancho Bernardo. The newest version is available here:

(Just in case you weren't already aware.)

Janet said...

I am relieved. The title had me thinking that this was your last post out the door before the flames swept over the house. (Fifteen miles doesn't sound like much of a security zone to me.) Things can't be that bad if you can still get enthusiastic for a political rant.

David Isaak said...

An amazing list, that, Jeremy. Lots of streets we used to stroll down.

Janet, fifteen miles doesn't sound like much, but between us and the fire it's pretty much continuous city--far less flammable than the brush that California wildfires thrive on. (Thta loud sound is me knocking wood as I say this...)

Jake Jesson said...

Glad to hear of the survival of your house. Although I have to wonder, considering the circumstances: Which eldritch deity did you have to blow to pull that one off?

(I was going to guess human sacrifice, but oral sex seemed somehow classier. And by 'classier' I of course mean 'funnier'. Though if deities are molded in human images, wouldn't they tend to prefer sexual favors to bloody spectacle at least on occasion? Something to ponder!)

David Thayer said...

Good news about your place in SD. Also Seattle weather, windy, rainy, blustery. In short normal.

David Isaak said...

Jake--I'm guessing our tenants smeared lamb's blood above the door. At any rate, if there was any sex involved, I slept through it.

David--Good news about Seattle. The thought of it being sunny up there was far more unnerving than these fires.