Saturday, October 13, 2007

Say Hi to Peter Anthony

Some of you may recall, from the Macmillan New Writing anthology of openings of forthcoming works, the promising opening of a novel entitled Immaculate. It is still forthcoming in December--cleverly positioned for Christmas shoppers--though slightly retitled as A Town Called Immaculate.

The author is Peter Anthony, and you can check out more info about him and the book on his website. The important thing to note is that he's another effing Yank (like myself and Michael Stephen Fuchs, though MSF has been embedded in London long enough that he only rates as kinda). Suroopa Mukherjee, Brian McGilloway, MSF, Peter, and, of course, Yours Truly--that's quite a little cabal of foreigners. I really think a Question should be raised in Parliament.

But meanwhile, welcome Peter to the ranks (and wonder whom he paid off to get that Christmas slot. I've been having a rough time convinving people that a terrorist-themed Christmas might be a nice change, and then this guy shows up. Hell, his jacket cover even has snow and pine trees on it--everything short of eight tiny reindeer.)

nb. He also bumps Faye Booth out of her coveted spot at the top of the alphabetic list. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. (Or do I mean Sic Transit Gloria Johnson? I went to grade school with her, before she sic-transited.)


Faye L. said...

He also bumps Faye Booth out of her coveted spot at the top of the alphabetic list.


(I jest, of course. One must be careful with tongue-in-cheek remarks online.)

David Isaak said...

It's too late to change your name for CTM, I'm guessing. But you could have your revenge on your second novel.

Though "Anthony" is hard to jump past. "Faye L. Aardvark" doesn't sound quite right, does it? "Faye Abbey" has a nice gothic ring to to it...

Nah. You'll just have to convince him to move down. His books probably aren't at the printer yet.

Peter said...

I didn't realize the advantages of having an 'A' name, except for being able to locate my name quicker in lists for test results and such. Sorry Faye. :)

David Isaak said...

Oh, go ahead, play innocent about it, Mister my-book-comes-out-wrapped-for-Xmas Anthony!