Sunday, May 18, 2008

The British Invasion Continues

The last time I visited London, a little less than a year ago, I came back with a copy of Emma Darwin's marvelous novel The Mathematics of Love. And I was glad I bought it; it was a great read.

As it turns out, though, I need not have crossed the ocean to pick up a copy. Those of us living in North America can now find the new, book-club-friendly, trade paperback reprint everywhere. In the photo above is the face-out stack of them stashed in the Newport Beach Barnes & Noble (a bookstore roughly the size of an airport).

So I'd urge my fellow citizens to wander down to their favorite bookstore and pick up a copy. (Of course, if you fear getting too far away from your computer, you can always pick it up from Amazon.)

In one of those oddities of alphabetization, MoL's nearest neighbor on the shelf is The Darwin Conspiracy, which happens to be written by someone named Darnton...just ahead of Darwin in the list. Emma already has a title for her second novel, A Secret Alchemy, but for her third, perhaps she'd like to consider The Darnton Conspiracy.

And, speaking of London, I'm going to be there next week...for practically no time at all. Just in to go to a meeting and then back out again (with, I'm hoping, enough time to snag a copy of the latest McGilloway). This project will be dragging me back to London in a few months, though, so those of you who live in those parts are warned.


Alis said...

We should set up an MNW bloggers' rendezvous when you're here for longer - it would be nice to speak to you in person rather than always in print!

Matt Curran said...

Great idea, Alis

I'm sure I can wrangle a Thursday or Friday off work to head down to London for an afternoon or evening out.

David, just let us know when I'll book some time off.

Tim Stretton said...

A London get-together would be brilliant. Let's make it happen!

David Isaak said...

Hi, gang--

I'd love to meet up with you! I'm not sure when the next meeting on this project will occur, but probably somehwere in the span of the last week of August through September. I'll let you know as soon as they tell me something.

Tim Stretton said...

I hope it's September rather than August - out of the country 15-29 August!

David Isaak said...

Hi, Tim--

September is more likely than August, simply on the grounds that in this business later is always more likely than sooner!