Friday, May 2, 2008

More Pen Names

Joining Roger Morris/RN Morris (not much of a stretch, really), MFW Curran/Frank Saxon, and David Isaak/DG Underhill, the estimable Aliya Whiteley has adopted a nom de plume for a portion of her work.

Of course, Aliya is so prolific (using pauses between novels to dash off novellas, short stories, letters to the editor, CD liner notes, monographs on tropical fish, and short pamphlets on Roman funeral practices) that she's likely to need a few more.


Jen Ster said...

If I had a psuedonym it would be "Stephen King." Unless that's taken.

David Isaak said...

Sure you wouldn't rather go for something more distinctive? "Stephen King" is kind of bland. HOw are you going to get readers to remember a name like that?