Saturday, March 3, 2007

In Which I Play Paul Revere

Yes indeed, the redcoats are coming (though I'm not sure how many lights I ought to put in the window when they are coming by airmail). I mentioned before that The Manuscript had already been available here last month (possibly through some sort of mistake), but the beginning of March lands a whole slew (from the Irish slua, meaning army, host, or throng) of Macmillan New Writing paperbacks in America. Here they are with their Amazon US links; give me a heads-up if I've missed any:

Michael Stephen Fuchs, The Manuscript
Brian Martin, North
Roger Morris, Taking Comfort
Suroopa Mukherjee, Across the Mystic Shore
Hugh Paxton, Homunculus
Cate Sweeney, Selfish Jean
Aliya Whiteley, Three Things About Me

I'm not sure if distribution will extend beyond the web or not, but if you managed to make it to this site I'm sure you know how to use Amazon. And if you dislike Amazon for some reason, let me recommend Powell's as an alternative...


David Thayer said...

Isn't this why we fought the French and Indian war?
Your current photo is my favorite thus far and has a thematic tie with SMITE.

David Isaak said...

It does indeed--and wait until you see the cover...

But IS that why we fought the French and Indian War? Truth be told, I have no clue why we fought the French and Indian War. They tended to gloss over it in school, I think, because it made our forefathers look as if they were on the Wrong Side and then changed their minds just a few years later.

I never quite got it straight. The first thing I was at all clear about was the Whiskey Rebellion, in which it was made clear that Americans objected not only to taxation without representation, but also to taxtion even with ample representation.