Sunday, March 4, 2007

An Interview Worth Reading: Novelist Keith Dixon

David Thayer has posted his excellent interview with writer Keith Dixon.

Although much of the discussion centers on Dixon's new novel, The Art of Losing, it also ventures into areas we've been discussing (Dixon shares my enthusiasm for shut-your-eyes-and-jump-into-the-water novel planning).

He also reflects on critical/artistic success versus financial success ("I think we all at some time or another face a situation that asks us to compromise our values, and more often than not that situation involves money...") and other aspects of the writers life. Dixon's remarks make an interesting read for anyone involved in this silly business.


Annie Wicking & Loman Austen said...

Hi Mr Isaak,
Good Luck with your novel.

Best wishes


David Isaak said...

Thanks, Annie. Since luck seems to be a key element in this racket, I'll take all you can wish me!