Monday, March 19, 2007

No More Girl On Demand?

Alas and alack. Woe we are. The fabulous Girl On Demand, the self-named POD-dy Mouth, has left the blogosphere.

For over two years she prowled the world of POD novels, searching to see if anything decent was being self-published--and, by God, she found some good books (and wrote up reviews for, I would guess around a hundred). She even instituted The Needle Award (hint: think haystack) for the best books she found.

In the process of digging through POD Land, she looked at thousands of books and manuscripts (though she actually kept track of the number of times she didn't make it through the first page, paragraph, or sentence).

Though one might suspect a case of burnout, in her farewell post G-O-D says that she established the blog as a way of publicizing good POD books to readers, but instead found the traffic increasingly consisted of writers trying to flog their goods.

First Grumpy Old Bookman semi-retires, and now Girl On Demand quits. Someone needs to do an article on Blog Burnout...

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