Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Web Article on MNW

Ben Dooley, at the book blog The Millions, has posted a nice, American-oriented discussion of the MNW imprint for those who haven't been tuning in previously. He gets at least one thing wrong (stating that MNW authors give up all subsidiary rights, when in fact the contract stipulates that all subsidiary rights are split), but the overall discussion is both well-written and entertaining.

Bonus features: 1) Dooley provides a link to all the MNW titles currently on sale in the US through Amazon USA; 2) Richard Charkin himself drops through and clarifies the subsidiary-rights issue.

(Like almost everyone who has ever written a web article on MNW, myself included, Dooley links to Grumpy Old Bookman's original post, "New Thinking By Publisher--World Grinds to a Halt". In the world of the internet, where most blog posts have the lifespan of morning dew on the lawn, Grumpy seems to have written something still going strong two years later. Too bad he can't figure out some way to, as the netrepreneurs put it, "monetize" the content of that post.)