Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Thanks to Sophie Portas (who e-vouched that I indeed had a book forthcoming), I was recently able to join the International Thriller Writers. ITW is a relatively new organization, but unlike most writing orgs--such as Mystery Writers of America or the Crime Writers Association (of the UK)--it is open to all regardless of country of publication. (I'm on the list right next to Susan Isaacs--the Is aren't very crowded--and I'm pretty darned pleased to be in her company, as I've enjoyed many of her novels over the years, starting way back with Compromising Positions.)

ITW does good things for its members, offering free publicity for forthcoming books (their newsletter has 9,000 subscribers and is growing), and, every year, at the annual convention, hands out the Thriller Awards--awards that are beginning to carry some real clout. Those of you who write anything that might be described as 'thrillers' (their definition of the the term is fairly wide-ranging and even includes comic thrillers--are you listening in, Jonathan Drapes?) might want to consider signing up.

Meanwhile, members have been asked to announce the annual ThrillerFest (go here to watch their video announcement), scheduled for July in New York City. I don't think I'll be there this year, but Clive Cussler, Jeffrey Deaver, Heather Graham, Vince Flynn, Lisa Gardner, and James Patterson will all be on hand, so I may not be missed.


Jonathan Drapes said...

Hi David

I am listening in. Comedy thriller. I like that. I'll certainly check out the ITW site. It would be nice to find myself in the company of Jeffrey Deaver and other illustrious D's.

Hope the lead up to publication is going well. Cover looks great. Are you still coming to London in June?


David Isaak said...

Mr. Bondini, how are you?

Yes indeed, I am planning on being in London June 19-21, doing a little day-job business as well as finally meeting Will Atkins. If you are going to be around, I'd love to buy you a drink--shaken, not stirred.

Matt Curran said...

Ah, Mr Drapes has joined the blogging community at last (the lure was too strong I suspect!!)

David, did you know the confusion your book is causing over on Amazon UK? Shock the Waters, or Smite the Awe... er... well the book has two titles, one on the cover and one on the list. Thankfully your name is correct - so that is a blessing at least!

When The Secret War was listed Amazon UK generously published two copies of the blurb in case people elected not to read the first one...

Matt Curran said...

...Though that hasn't stopped me adding it to my Amazon "shopping basket" in an attempt to become the first person to pre-order your book on Amazon!!

David Isaak said...

Hi, Matt. Well, as far as I know, you're my first sale! Thanks!

I've mentioned The Two Titles (by JRR Tolkein) to Will. I'm not sure how these things go about getting corrected.

SHOCK THE WATERS isn't too bad. Oblique though.

Jonathan Drapes said...

David and Matt, Sorry about the late reply, very tardy of me. June 19-21 sounds like a good time of year to have a pint, I suspect there will be quite a few of us interested.

And Matt, yes I've crossed over to the dark side and got myself a blogger ID so you better say nice things about me.

As for the book title, 'smite' is surely in my top ten words - up there with midwifery - but from what I've been told, David, the book is such a cracker that any title will work.

Hasta junio