Saturday, May 19, 2007

Congrats to Eliza

Over on her blog, Eliza Graham has announced that her MNW novel Playing With the Moon (slated for publication at the beginning of June) has been bought by Random House subsidiary Blanvalet Verlag for publication in German. That's spectacular news.

Speaking of things Uber Alles, Matt Curran has posted the cover of the German version of The Secret War over on his site. Nice cover--and it says CURRAN in what may be the biggest typeface I've ever seen. Apparently Matt already has a name they think will sell books. (Does "Curran" mean something in German?)

Of course, they've always had a taste for the monumental over there. Even though their Leni Riefenstahl moment has passed, that tendency remains. For example, here is a shot of some local grafitti in Wuppertal, Germany (home of the Schwebebahn hanging train immortalized in Tom Tykwer's movie The Princess and the Warrior). That's grafitti larger than most houses.

You gotta love the Germans. Plus, they have great taste in novels. (Say, will someone mention to them that I have a book coming out...?)