Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Different Reason to Blog

Today, Patry Francis' thriller The Liar's Diary comes out in paperback, both in the US and in the UK. I've been reading it in hardback (obviously I can't have been reading it in paperback) and I'm enjoying it. It's a twisty psychological book--a family drama with one important outsider--and I am happy to say that I'm not sure where it's headed other than for trouble. (Which, of course, is where novels need to head.)

I'm only a minor voice amongst the more-than 300 people blogging about The Liar's Diary today; other bloggers include folks like Neil Gaiman, Khaled Hosseini, MJ Rose, and Jennifer Weiner. What's up with that? Patry Francis has undergone surgery (more than once) for an aggressive cancer, and, although her prognosis is good, she isn't really in a position to do much publicity work. So this post is a sort of vicarious book-tour-by-blog, pulled together by International Thriller Writers, Backspace, and Redroom. (What a good use of the internet...for a change.)

Patry also runs her own blog, and it's a good read; one of my favorite entries is about a roommate in the hospital. Like her book, the post itself goes some unexpected places.

The Liar's Diary has a slickly produced book trailer that is worth a gander, but I know all you uber-literati who visit this blog are above being impressed by such things. So instead I urge you to pick up a copy of the book itself. And, with that, I shall sign off: I'm still reading my own copy.

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