Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Chooses Palin as Running Mate

That's the News Alert headline for the NY Times that came shooting into my e-mail this morning.

As it turns out, though, there's some other Palin out there. It seems she's the governor of Alaska.

Every so often, the Republicans show a keen sense of humor. (For example, nominating Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Or nominating Dan Quayle for anything whatsoever.)

Unfortunately, the sense of humor doesn't extend quite as far as asking Michael to be the vice-presidential candidate. Too bad. They might have swayed my vote.


Joan said...

Oh thank heavens! I thought I was the only one who was feeling tempted to vote a Python into the White House!

David Isaak said...

Hi, Joan--

Yeah, and now it seems it's a bit controversial, too.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Rob said...

He could have made some great TV series while in office, too. Poll to Poll, anybody?

David Isaak said...

Hi, Rob--

Poll to Poll. Oh, very clever, very clever indeed. You should suggest it to Mr Palin--he might go for it.