Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Note From My Sister

My sister comments on my blog every so often, but is for some reason reluctant to get into the actual Comment trail. I'm not sure why--deniability, perhaps--but I thought I'd share the e-mail she dropped me about my previous posts on writing for hire:


Had to comment on your blog (cuz that's what it is there for!). I think writing for a soap opera would be wicked fun. If anyone offers you said gig and you don't want it, send them my way. I would love to spew out five hours a week involving sweatless sex, artificial lust, attractive drug addiction, furfree beastiality, and alien baby abductions - all with limited special effects and tons of lip gloss. It would be just like the high school only lunch would be catered.


Alis said...

Hilarious! Tell your sister she needs to comment more, we need her as a regular in the comments box!

David Isaak said...

Hi, Alis--

I agree with you. But she responded to the post above (through another e-mail, of course) as follows:

{ David,

It is not my opinions that keep me from posting comments on your blog. It is my spelling.

Amber }

(As if anyone notices misspellings on the web!)

Alis said...

Hello Amber, who cares about spelling? As the mother of a dyslexic, I've had plenty of practice looking for the thought-gems hidden beneath whacky spelling... Come on out, we don't care!

David Isaak said...

Yeah, Amber.

After all, that Shakespear/Shakespeare guy couldn't even spell his name consistently!

(Of course, that's because he was really a collaboration between Marlowe and Bacon, perhaps with editing by Dr. Dee. But the point still holds.)