Saturday, August 2, 2008

More On Hyphens from Me Mum

From my mother comes a link to a BBC news story about hyphens. (Count on the BBC for all your cutting-edge news.) Fear not; they don't endorse any position, but simply report on trends.

The fact my mother is doing scanning British news sources is, in itself, news to me. Perhaps I'll have to start referring to her as 'Mum,' a word reserved over here for 'silent' or as a nickname for chrysanthemums.

Or perhaps I'll start referring to her as 'Moo,' as in the wonderful 1950s John Updike poem:


oooooThey [members of teenage gangs] are respectful
oooooof their parents and particularly of their mothers
ooooo--known as "moo" in their jargon.
oooooooooo--The New York Times Magazine

oooooCome moo, dear moo, let's you and me
oooooSit down a while and talk togee;
oooooMy broo's at school and faa's away
oooooA-gaaing rosebuds while he may.

oooooOf whence we come and whii we go
oooooMost moos nee know nor care to know.
oooooBut you are not like any oo:
oooooYou're always getting in a poo

oooooOr working up a dreadful laa
oooooOver nothing--nothing. Bah!
oooooRelax. You love me, I love you
oooooAnd that's the way it shapes up, moo.

(And thanks for the link, Moo.)

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